MD students

Katharina Braun

Project Title: Role of the intellectual disability and schizophrenia associated transcription factor TCF4 in adult neurogenesis of hippocampal dentate gyrus

Anna Brendler

  • Prof. Beate Winner

Project Title: Distinct role of T cell subcells in alpha-synuclein aggregation

Razvan-Marius Brazdis


  • Prof. Beate Winner

Project Title:The impact of α –Synuclein gene duplication on motor adaptor proteins of anterograde mitochondrial transport

Christian Fiebig


  • Prof. Dieter Chichung Lie

Project Title: The Impact of ageing and neurodegeneration on mitochondrial morphology in hippocampal stem cells

Lara Hammad


  • Prof. Jürgen Winkler

Project Title: The serotonergic innervation of the hippocampus in a transgenic ASM model