Supervision and mentoring

The RTG provides doctoral and postdoctoral researchers with intensive personalized mentoring to promote their scientific development and to enhance their career perspectives.


The supervision for doctoral fellows is implemented on several levels:

  • direct supervision by the respective RTG faculty member and full integration into laboratory structures of the research group (e.g. lab meetings, journal club, progress reports)
  • submission of a thesis outline within the first 3 months
  • guidance by a Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC) monitoring progress and providing mentoring
    • composition: supervisor, another PI from the RTG, and one external expert
    • frequency: 3x during doctoral period
  • two presentations at RTG progress report meetings were followed by critical discussions with all RTG members
  • annual individual meetings with the spokesperson of the RTG to discuss research projects, and career development and receive feedback on the programme



The supervision strategy for MD doctoral fellows is largely equivalent. Due to the shorter duration of the doctorate, MD doctoral fellows submit their thesis outline within the first 2 months of their thesis work, participate in one TAC meeting and present their work in at least one RTG progress report session.


Postdoctoral researchers receive intensive mentoring by an RTG faculty member and a mentor of their choice. The mentors provide advise with a strong focus on career development, the establishment of an independent research profile and the establishment of a scientific network.